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D945GTPLR Intel

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Single pack, Micro ATX form factor desktop board based on the Intel 945G Express chipset with Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950, supporting Intel Pentium D, Pentium 4, and Celeron D processors in the LFGA775 package.


FEATURES- microATX Desktop Board D945GTP- Single
The Intel Desktop Board D945GTP delivers new levels of performance
and flexibility to the Digital Office and Digital Home. Based on
the Intel 945G Express Chipset, this board supports dual-core
processing, Intel EM64T and advanced Intel GMA 950 on-board or PCI
Express Graphics.
The Intel Desktop Board Media Series was created specifically for
the digital home experience. We have introduced products that can
help enhance the enjoyment of digital content, whether it is music,
photos, movies, or games. These desktop boards are designed to
support the high bandwidth interfaces and power needed for
demanding entertainment, education, and gaming applications. In
configuring a PC for the digital home, the Intel Desktop Board
Media Series is the place to start.
The Intel Desktop Board Media Series offers ATX or MicroATX form
factors, in addition to a Micro Balanced Technology Extended
(MicroBTX) form factor. Whether building a PC for a home office or
entertainment PC, the Intel Desktop Board Media Series has the
right desktop board for every application.
Offering new levels of visual quality, Intel Desktop Boards D945GNT
(ATX) and D945GTP (MicroATX) are based on the Intel 945G Express
Chipset featuring Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 (Intel GMA
950) graphics, offers new levels of visual quality. Intel GMA 950
graphics helps bring digital media to life with sharp, vibrant
pictures, smooth playback of video and output to a wide range of
displays, including High Definition TV (HDTV) and digital flat
Music enthusiasts will be thrilled with the performance of Intel
High Definition Audio with support for 7.1 channel surround sound.
Users managing and viewing photos and video on PCs will find that
Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 (Intel GMA 950) can deliver
incredible visual quality and Intel Matrix Storage Technology helps
protect photos stored on the computer. With 1394a and USB 2.0
connector support on Intel Desktop Board Media Series, flexibility
is provided for uploading photos and videos from your digital
cameras and camcorders. Intel Desktop Boards Media Series offers a
PCI Express x16 graphics connector to support the latest high-end
graphics cards.
An extensive list of software is included with Intel Desktop Board
Media Series that can facilitate access to video, music, and
images. Intel Audio Studio Pro, InterVideo MediaOne Silver, Jasc
Paint Shop Photo Album 5: Starter Edition, NTI CD-Maker, and
Farstone RestoreIT! Gold are just a few examples of the software
that come with a Media Series desktop board.
Includes Motherboard; mATX 1.0-Compliant I/O Shield; Floppy, SATA, and
ATA 100/66 cables; Board and Back Panel I/O Layout Stickers; Intel
Desktop Board D945GNT/D945GTP Quick Reference; Floppy for Intel
Matrix Storage Technology RAID driver; Intel Express Installer Driver
CD and Software DVD. (see below for included software).
* Support for the Intel Pentium D processor
Features dual-core processing and 1066/800/533 MHz system bus in the
LGA775 package with Intel EM64T support.
* Intel 945G Express Chipset
Offers a new level of visual quality with integrated Intel GMA 950.
* Dual-Channel DDR2 667/533/400 memory support
Four DIMM sockets designed to support up to 4 GB4 of DDR2 667/533/400
memory deliver greater platform performance and flexible memory
* PCI Express x16 graphics connector
Increased graphics bandwidth provides up to 4 GB/s per direction, and is
up to 3.5 times faster than previous high-performance discrete graphics
* Four Serial ATA ports (3.0 Gb/s)
Facilitates high-speed storage and data transfers at up to 3 Gb/s for
each of four ports.
* Intel Matrix Storage Technology
Boosts storage performance with RAID 0 while protecting data with RAID 1
on the same disk. RAID 5 and RAID 10 provide additional options for data
increased protection and performance.
* Integrated Intel PRO 10/100 Network Connection
Features on-board 10/100-Mbps Ethernet LAN connectivity.
* Intel High Definition Audio with 7.1 surround sound
Offers high-quality integrated audio that rivals the performance of
high-end discrete solutions.
* Two PCI connectors
Provides expansion slots for custom system configurations and future
add-in card upgrades.
* One PCI Express x1 connectors
Designed for bandwidth-intensive applications, PCI Express x1 I/O offers
3.5 times the bandwidth over traditional PCI architecture.
* Eight Hi-Speed USB 2.0 ports
Provides four back panel ports and an additional four USB ports via two
internal headers.
* 1394a ports
One back panel port and two internal headers for an additional two ports
enable data transfer from consumer electronic devices such as digital
camcorders and MP3 players.
* Intel Precision Cooling Technology
Enables advanced fan speed control to help keep system cool and reduce
noise levels.

-- SPECIFICATIONs -----------------------------------
PROCESSOR - Supports Intel Pentium D processor in the LGA775 package.
Supports Intel Pentium 4 processor in the LGA775 package.
Supports Intel Celeron D processor in the LGA775 package.
Supports Intel EM64T and Hyper-Threading Technology.
Platform compatible guide: 04A, 04B, 05A, 05B
BIOS - 4 Mb Flash EEPROM with Intel Platform Innovation framework for
extensible firmware interface.
Advanced configuration and power interface V1.0b, DMI 2.0,
multi-lingual support.
Intel Rapid BIOS Boot (Optimized POST for fast access to PC
from power-on).
Intel Precision Cooling Technology (Advanced thermal management
system dynamically adjusts fan speeds to help keep system
cool and reduce/improve noise levels).
CHIPSET - Intel 945g Express Chipset
- Intel 82945G Memory Controller Hub (MCH)
- Intel 82801GR I/O Controller Hub (ICH7R)
MEMORY - Graphics Memory Controller Hub (GMCH) designed to support up to
4 GB of system memory using DDR2 667/533/400 SDRAM memory.
Four 240-pin DIMM connectors supporting up to four double-sided
Non-ECC Memory (ECC memory will run in non-ECC mode).
Dual or single-channel operation support, Memory Voltage 1.8V.
SLOTS - (2) 32-bit PCI local bus slots
(1) PCI Express x1 local bus slots
(1) PCI Express x16 graphics slot
STORAGE - (4) SATA ports (3.0 Gb/s) and ATA 100/66 up to 2 devices
RAID - Intel Matrix Storage Technology (NCQ, Hot Plug, RAID 0, 1, 10,
5, and Matrix RAID).
I/O PORTS - (4) USB 2.0 ports, back panel (two dual stack)
(4) USB 2.0 ports, front panel (via 2-headers requiring cabling
to front panel).
(1) IEEE-1394a/FireWire port (back panel) and two internal
headers for an additional two ports.
(1) 9-pin Serial port
(1) 25-pin Parallel port
(1) 10BaseT/100BaseTX/RJ45 port
(2) PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports
(5) Audio ports
(2) S/PDIF ports
VIDEO - Integrated Intel 945G Express Chipset
AUDIO - Integrated Intel High Definition Audio; 8-channel (7.1) audio
subsystem with five analog audio outputs and two S/PDIF
optical digital audio outputs (coaxial and optical).
NETWORK - Integrated Intel PRO 10/100 Ethernet Connection
FIREWIRE - Integrated IEEE-1394a/FireWire
TPM - n/a
MISC. - Hardware Management : Processor fan speed control.
System chassis fan speed control.
Voltage and temperature sensing.
Fan sensor inputs used to monitor fan
Power management support for ACPI 1.0b.
Wake-up from Network: Wired for Management(WfM) 2.0-compatible.
Support for system wake-up using an add-
in network interface card with remote
wake-up capability or integrated LAN.
Jumpers : Single configuration jumper design.
Jumper access for BIOS configuration
Front Panel Connect : Reset, HD LED, Power LEDs, Power On/Off,
standby header.
Two front-panel USB 2.0 headers.
Front-panel audio header.
SOFTWARE - Includes Intel Express Installer
" Intel Audio Studio Pro
" Intel Desktop Utilities
" InterVideo Home Theater Silver
" InterVideo MediaOne Silver
" Musicmatch Jukebox
" Jasc Paint Shop Photo Album 5: Starter Edition
" NTI CD-Maker
" Norton Internet Security 2005
" Norton AntiVirus
" Farstone RestoreIT! Gold
" Farstone Gamedrive
" Kaspersky AntiVirus Business Optimal (Russian only)
" ABBY Lingvo 9.0 (Russian only)
" Kingsoft WPS Office Storm (Chinese only)
" Kingsoft PowerWord 2005 (Chinese only)
" Kingsoft AntiVirus 2005 (Chinese only)
" Yahoo! Toolbar with Anti-spy
SIZE - microATX 1.0-compliant, 9.6" x 9.6"

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