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ABIT AN8-SLI Socket 939 nForce4 SLI ATX 4GB DDR 2

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Quantity:  ABIT AN8-SLI Socket 939 nForce4 SLI ATX 4GB DDR 2

FEATURES- ATX nVIDIA nForce4 Chipset Motherboard

NVIDIA NF4 SLI Based AMD Athlon 64/64FX Mainboard, 2GHz HT, Dual

DDR400, NVIDIA SLI Technology, SATA 3G RAID, NV GbE, NV Firewall,

IEEE1394a, ABIT uGuru 2003, Guru Panel, ABIT OTES and AudioMAX.

Includes Motherboard, Guru Panel, ABIT AudioMAX Card, SLI Connector

Bridge, SLI Switch, (4) SATA cables, ATA 100 IDE Cable, FDD cable,

I/O shield, CD Title, SATA Utility Disk, A5 standard Users Manual,

B5 multilingual Quick Installation Guide, Jumper Setting Label.
* uGuru

Exclusive ABIT Engineered motherboard technology designed for

unprecedented power, convenience, and control over your PC.

ABIT Engineers innovate yet again with the worlds first memory thermal

solution on a desktop motherboard. This special cooler adjusts according

to system loading for automatic fan speed adjustment.
* Copper Chipset Cooler

Copper chipset cooler conducts and dissipatesd heat from the chipset

threes times more efficiently than aluminum.
* SATA 3Gb/s

Doubles bus bandwidth which provides blazingly high disk performance.
* NVIDIA Native Gigabit Ethernet

The industrys fastest Gigabit Ethernet performance eliminates network

bottlenecks and improves overall system efficiency and performance.
* NVIDIA Firewall

NVIDIA Firewall protects your PC from intruders by filtering

unauthorized traffic. Integrated into NVIDIA nForce4 MCPs, it provides

professional grade traffic inspection capabilities, instant on

protection, advanced management features. NVIDIA Firewall will also

utilize the NVIDIA ActiveArmor secure networking engine.
* MOSFET Thermal Solution

With a special layout and heatsinks, this exclusive PWM design keeps all

MOSFET < 50C and promotes rapid heat dissipation around the CPU.
* Dual OTES

Exhaust heat from your PC like never before with Dual OTES cooling

technology. Works with ABIT FanEQ to automatically adjust fan speeds for

the optimal balance of thermal and acoustic performance.
* On-board LEDs

A godsend for case modders, ultra-bright LEDs surround the motherboard

for a stunning futuristic look.
* AudioMAX Technology

Reduces noise interference from high frequency signals with an

independent card for outstanding 7.1-channel audio quality.
* BulletProof Technology

Uncompromising quality, stability and reliability for the end user. Top

quality components such as 100% Japanese capacitors provide unmatched

reliability. Each motherboard is painstakingly assembled, and then put

through the Torture Test, ensuring a product that stands up to the heat

of battle. With BulletProof Technology, the Fatal1ty AN8 delivers

advanced durability for the discerning gamer.

-- SPECIFICATIONs -----------------------------------
PROCESSOR - Supports AMD Socket 939 Athlon 64/64FX Processors with 2GHz

system bus using Hyper Transport technology, Supports AMD CPU

Quiet Technology.
- NVIDIA NF4 SLI single chip with Integrated NVIDIA Gigabit

Ethernet and NVIDIA Firewall, supports NV SATA 3G RAID.

Integrated NV Gigabit Ethernet and NV Firewall
- Four 184-pin DIMM sockets support up to 4GB max. of dual

channel DDR400 non-ECC un-buffered memory.
- (2) 32-bit PCI slots

(2) PCI-Express x16 slots (supports SLI technology)

(2) PCI-Express x1 slots

(1) AudioMAX Audio slot
- Integrated ABIT AudioMAX High quality 7.1-channel Audio Card

with Optical S/P DIF Input/Output; Supports auto jack

- None

- Integrated NVIDIA Gigabit Ethernet with NVIDIA Secure

Networking Engine.
- Integrated IEEE-1394a/Firewire supports (3) ports for up to

400Mb/s data transfer rate.
SERIAL ATA- Integrated NVIDIA Serial ATA supports 3Gbps data transfer rate,

Supports SATA RAID 0/1/0+1.

NVIDIA SLI Technology with (2) PCI-Express X16 slots support

NVIDIA Scalable Link Interface to increase bandwidth of the

PCI Express bus providing 60x the bandwidth of PCI.
- (2) Ultra DMA 33/66/100/133 Connectors
I/O PORTS - Internal
: (2) Ultra DMA 33/66/100/133 Connectors

(4) SATA 3G Connectors

(1) FDD port (supports up to 2.88MB)

(3) USB 2.0 headers

(1) IEEE 1394a/FireWire header

Back Panel: (2) PS/2 ports for Keyboard and Mouse

(4) USB 2.0 ports

(1) IEEE-1394a/Firewire Connector

(1) RJ-45 LAN Connector
- ATX form factor, 305mm x 245mm


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