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Intel Pentium Processor Extreme Edition 965 Intel
Intel Pentium Processor Extreme Edition 965

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Intel Pentium Processor Extreme Edition 965- 3.73GHz, HT Technology, 1066MHz FSB, 2x2MB L2 cache, Intel EM64T, XD Bit, EIST, and LGA775 package

MODEL- BX80553965

FEATURES- Intel Pentium Processor Extreme Edition 965- Retail Boxed
3.73 GHz, 2 x 2MB Cache, 1066MHz FSB, 775-land LGA Package, ATX
Thermal Solution. 65 nm Technology.
Increase Desktop Performance with Dual-Core, Four-Thread Technology!
This is a boxed processor with an unattached fan heatsink.
PC enthusiasts today want exceptional performance for video and
audio encoding/decoding, digital media creation and multi-threaded
gaming applications. Intel designed the most technologically
advanced Pentium processor, the Intel Pentium Processor Extreme
Edition 955, for users who expect more from their PC.
The Pentium Processor Extreme Edition 965 features a dual-core
design providing two complete processor cores. Each runs at the
same speed, in one physical package, to bring parallel computing
capabilities to the desktop PC platform. With support for Hyper-
Threading Technology, each processor core functions as two logical
processors, enabling four-thread functionality. This innovation
takes processor design beyond frequency, delivering enhanced
processor performance. The processor has the power to run multiple
demanding applications simultaneously with background tasks such as
real-time computing security and system maintenance. Additionally,
the Pentium Processor Extreme Edition 965 features Intel
Virtualization Technology enabling platforms to run multiple
operating systems and/or applications in independent partitions or
environments for improved security and remote manageability.
Experienced enthusiasts expect processor capability that goes beyond
the specification limits. For added technical flexibility, the
processor bus ratio locks (overspeed protection) have been removed
from this Pentium Processor Extreme Edition.
Combine the Pentium Processor Extreme Edition 965 with the Intel
Desktop Board D975XBX based on the Intel 975X Express Chipset for
maximum performance. Dual-channel DDR2 667 memory, multiple
simultaneous PCI Express x16 graphics cards, Intel Matrix Storage
Technology (RAID), 1394a, and Intel High Definition Audio with
support for 7.1 surround sound combine to create a dynamic and
powerful system. With this next-generation PC, you have the
performance and features to accomplish more and enjoy an
outstanding computing experience today with the ability to grow
with tomorrows applications and operating systems.
* Dual-Core Processing
Intel dual-core processors have two complete processor cores in one
physical package running at the same frequency. The cores share the same
interface with chipset and memory, but each core has its own set of
registers and cache for truly parallel computing.
* Hyper-Threading (HT)
HT Technology takes advantage of threaded applications by allowing each
processor core to function as two logical processors to provide
increased system responsiveness in multi-tasking environments. Threading
divides workloads into processes and software threads that can be
independently scheduled and dispatched.
* Intel Virtualization Technology (Intel VT)
Intel VT enables one hardware platform to function as multiple
"virtual" platforms. For businesses, Intel VT Technology offers improved
manageability, limiting downtime and maintaining worker productivity by
isolating computing activities into separate partitions. In the home,
Intel VT allows creating unique user environments for multiple family
members looking to use the same platform simultaneously.
* 2 x 2MB Level 2 Cache
Each processor core is equipped with its own 2MB L2 cache (4MB total)
enabling improved overall system performance by allowing each core to
have faster access to larger amounts of the most often used data.
* 1066 MHz Front Side Bus
Delivers exceptional system bandwidth for maximizing efficiency and
improving system performance.
* Execute Disable Bit
When enabled with a supported operating system, the Execute Disable Bit
allows memory to be marked as executable or non-executable. If code
attempts to run in non-executable memory, such as when malware exploits
buffer overrun vulnerabilities, the processor raises an error to the
operating system.
* Intel Extended Memory 64 Technology (Intel EM64T)
Intel EM64T provides an enhancement to Intels 32-bit architecture by
enabling the desktop processor platform to access larger amounts of
memory. With appropriate 64-bit supporting hardware and software,
platforms based on an Intel processor supporting Intel EM64T can enable
use of extended virtual and physical memory.
* Streaming SIMD Extensions
Single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD) technology to accelerate
performance on a wide variety of applications including multimedia,
video and audio encoding/decoding, 3-D graphics and image processing.

-- SPECIFICATIONs ----------------------------------
PACKAGE TYPE - 775-pin
L2 CACHE SIZE - 2 x 2 MB


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