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Digital Sinage
Digital Sinage

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• Digital signs are not just signs. Today, you can embed a display into almost anything: a vending machine, a pump at a gas/petrol station, an elevator or a standalone kiosk.

• Digital signs are used for more than just a one-way flow of information. People can interact with signs via touch screens, gestures or mobile devices.

• Digital signs are smart. With the addition of a sensor on the sign, you can gather anonymous audience analytics: track how many people viewed the sign, their age, gender, etc. You can use this information for product placement and store design. You can even change the content that appears on the sign based on the demographic of the person looking at the content. The content displayed at these touchpoints can take the form of: • Announcements • Sales promotions • Branding messages • Advertisements—including paid advertising • Product information • Directions/wayfinding • Public safety information • Schedules • Menu selections The possibilities for content are essentially unlimited.


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